Kumbolo Lake Camping Bromo Ijen Tour 4 Days

Kumbolo Lake Camping Bromo Ijen Tour 4 Days

Kumbolo Lake Camping Bromo Ijen Tour 4 Days

Kumbolo Lake Camping Bromo Ijen Tour 4 Days | Kumbolo Lake Bromo Ijen Crater Tour is a combination of adventure tour packages, Mount Bromo, Ranu Kumbolo and Ijen Crater to be one of the most in demand by tourists, both foreign tourists and domestic tourists.

these three attractions have the charm of extraordinary beauty, Mount Bromo and kumbolo with the beauty of the sunrise, mount ijen with the phenomenon of eternal blue fire and crater with the same width as the caldera at bromo.

besides that all three also have a beautiful milky way sport, so we suggest if you pull in this Kumbolo Lake Camping Bromo Ijen Tour and you happen to have a photography hobby please prepare the best camera to capture MILKY WAY.

This package starts with early morning pickup at the airport, station or terminal of Malang City, then continues the journey to Tumpang, Ranu Pani and continues towards Ranu Kumbolo.


Kumbolo Lake Camping Bromo Ijen Tour 4 Days

Day 1 : Malang – Ranu Pani – Kumbolo Lake Camping

  • This Kumbolo Lake Bromo ijen Tour will be started by picking you up in Malang City or Surabaya (in the morning) to then go to Ranu Pani Village at an altitude of 2,200 masl taken by Jeep / Hartop vehicle starting from Kota Tumpang, in Ranu Pani there Ranu Regulo, beautiful volcanik lake too.
  • After arriving at Ranu Pani, continue climbing to Ranu Kumbolo which takes about 4-5 hours of trekking. Arriving at Ranu Kumbolo our team set up tents and spent the night here. You are free to explore the natural beauty around Lake Ranu Kumbolo.┬áLike the beauty of the Milky Way you can see at midnight.

Day 2 : Kumbolo Lake Sunrise – Ranu Pani – Mount Bromo Area

  • In the morning enjoy the sunrise and natural beauty around Ranu Kumbolo Tour. After breakfast and preparation for returning to Ranu Pani Village. Get off from Ranu Kumbolo to Ranu Pani for about 4 hours.
  • After arriving at Ranu Pani then proceed with a Jeep / Hartop vehicle heading towards the Mount Bromo tourist area by passing the savanna, teletubies hill and whispering sand.
  • After arriving at Cemara Lawang Village check in Lodging / Hotel in Bromo. Enjoy Sunset from the Hotel and free program.

Day 3 : Bromo Sunrise Tour – Ijen Crater Area

  • Bromo Tour starts at 3:00 a.m. You will be picked up using JEEP From the Hotel to the vantage point on the summit of Mount Pananjakan 1 (view the highest sunrise point) on the edge of the Tengger caldera to see the beauty of Bromo Sunrise, with the background of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru and the expanse of sand is very beautiful with clouds / mist covering it. Satisfied to see the tyerbit sun proceed to Bromo Crater with a Jeep.
  • Arriving at the center parking area you can ride a horse or walk to reach the crater. After being satisfied returning to the hotel, taking a shower, having breakfast and preparing for the Ijen Banyuwangi crater.
  • Arrival in the Ijen crater area check in hotel and rest. (if the arrival of the afternoon in ijen area, you can enjoy the beauty of Blawan waterfall and hotspring).

Day 4 : Ijen Crater – Ijen Blue Fire – Ketapang Harbor / Surabaya

  • Ijen Blue Fire Tour Package starts at midnight around 1pm. After the morning call and preparation, you will be taken to drive to the entrance to Mount Ijen. The distance from Paltuding to Ijen Crater is about 3 km so it takes about 2 hours of trekking climbing and will be accompanied by a local guide ijen.
  • After enjoying the panoramic view of the blue fire of Mount Ijen and the Sulfur Miner, head back to Paltuding and take a short break. Then proceed back to the hotel, take a shower and get ready to go back to Surabaya / Malang / Banyuwangi or Bali.
  • Arriving at the desired location Kumbolo Lake Camping Bromo Ijen Tour 4 Days Finished.

Facility Kumbolo Lake Camping Bromo Ijen Tour :

  • Full AC transport shuttle service (Driver + BBM)
  • All facilities stay at Kumbolo, such as tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, etc.
  • 1 night camping in Ranu Kumbolo
  • 1 night hotel in the Bromo area
  • 1 night hotel in the Ijen area
  • Private Jeep for Bromo sunrise Tour
  • Private Jeep from Ranu Pane village to Bromo
  • Entrance tickets and permits to Mount Semeru National Park
  • Supplies of food during the tour
  • Mineral water during the tour
  • Licensed guide / guide
  • Porter
  • P3k

Exclude Kumbolo Lake Camping Bromo Ijen Tour :

  • Tip for guide and Driver
  • Travel insurance
  • Tour outside the program
  • Horse in Bromo

Mount Bromo tour Package from Surabaya, Malang or Banyuwangi :
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Beside Kumbolo Lake, You can also enjoy other interested places around Mount Bromo and Java Island such as Rafting, Waterfall, Trekking or Climbing, Surfing and Cultural Tour. For detail information about Mount Bromo Tour, Kumbolo Lake Camping Ijen Crater Tour 4 Days, Bromo Tour Package (paket wisata bromo), Ijen Tour, Semeru Summit Trekking, tour package price, facility and Accommodation, You can visit Our Contact.

Kumbolo Lake Camping Bromo Ijen Tour 4 Days


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